Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Tor Network Is Under Attack

Tor users in the coming days may have problems with the use of its services. As representatives warn Tor, detected an attempt to take control of specialized servers, referred to as directory Authorities that support this network. They did not disclose what the hacker group or organization is behind this attack. "We have taken steps to ensure the safety of users of our services. Tor already uses redundancy mechanisms that will keep their anonymity, even if the planned attack will be executed. Tor is safe "provides" arma "on the blog associated with the project . "Arma" is a nickname associated with the project leader Roger Dingledine.

The Tor network packets are exchanged directly between the source and the receiver, and pass through several randomly selected relay servers, which mask the path of the flow of information and thus allow the anonymity of the users of the network. "Even if the attacker take control of the majority of servers, they will not be able to force the Tor client software to resign from the other relays communication and as a result will still be safe and anonymous "provides" arma ".

If you use Tor - you may want to note down and temporarily avoid these affected mirrors in a below pic

Affected Mirrors

Currently, Tor uses 9 servers to manage traffic in the network. They are located in the USA and Europe. At the moment (Monday 22/12/2014) there was no information about the planned attack on Tor. Representatives of the project promise that all information on the current situation will be immediately posted on the blog design . -providing anonymity on the Internet.

Tor network is used by users who want to avoid censorship and track their content published by the secret services, especially in non-democratic countries. Representatives say the Tor project, the network is also used by millions of people who want to ensure the security of the communication itself when connecting to the Internet in public areas. Unfortunately, it is also used by criminals, such as drug trafficking network Silk Road. It was closed down in October 2013 years by the US police, but there is another version - Silk Road 2.0. Despite these controversies, Tor network is one of the symbols of freedom and privacy of Internet communication and any attempt to attack this system probably will lead to big stir among users global network.

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