Sunday, 4 January 2015

According To The Researcher - "75% PHP Installations Is Unsafe"

Approximately 75% of the PHP installation is unsafe, so the popular scripting language is one of the most unsafe platforms. That suggests Anthony Ferrara , "developer advocate" at Google. Ferrara had recently written an article about what it means to be a responsible developer.

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages ​​and Google employee also wanted to know how many percent of the plant is safe. He used the statistics W3Techs and correlated that with the versions that are managed by well-known Linux distributions. Users can install PHP namely itself or use the version offered by the Linux distribution used.

Then turns out 78.3% of the PHP installations at least include one or more vulnerabilities, while 21.7% identified as being safe. Ferrara says that the percentage of safe installations still high estimated because installations of PHP 5.4.4 on Debian, which is still supported, can not be distinguished from 5.4.4 installations that are not derived from Debian and are no longer supported. The percentage of 21.7% by Ferrara also described as "optimistic".

"It is totally unacceptable. This means that more than 78% have at least one vulnerability of the PHP installations. Sadly," concludes Ferrara. He calls on everyone to monitor his or her PHP installation. "Do not force people to update. Do not accept" if it works, do not fix it .'... You have the power to change it, so change it. Security is a problem for everyone. What is important is how you handle it. "

The investigation of the Google employee received the necessary attention and he decided to out for other platforms run it, as well as PHP, this time with Fedora and PHP 4.5.34 on Debian 7 were counted. Then it appears that 82.3% of the installations of the Perl programming language is safe. In the case of the Python programming language is about 77.6%. Ultimately, the recount of PHP, which Debian 7 extra is included, a slightly higher percentage of secure PHP installations, namely 25.6%. That would still mean that sure 74.4% of the installations is unsafe.

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