Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Gogo Inflight Internet Issues - "Wifi Service In Aircraft Used Fake Google Certificate"

An American company that offers WiFi in aircraft appears to use a fake Google certificate to filter YouTube, as discovered an employee of Google. It is Gogo Inflight Internet, which include flights on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines offered.

During her flight decided Adrienne Porter Felt, security researcher at the Google Chrome Security Team, YouTube visit and saw a fake certificate was used, in which they have a public tweet sent to Gogo. In response to the controversy surrounding the wifi provider gave yesterday a response. In it, the director that Gogo due to the limited bandwidth some streaming services does not support and various techniques used to block or restrict video streaming.

"Whatever technique we use to limit the bandwidth, the only impact on certain secure video streaming sites and not on the normal safe Internet traffic," says director Anand Chari. "These techniques are used so that anyone who wants the internet during the flight has a consistent browsing experience." Charitable stressed that no user information is collected by the techniques used Critics , however, are outraged and say that the company for blocking or filtering YouTube no need to use fake Google certificate.

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