Friday, 23 January 2015

Sony Hacker Would Have Used Zero-Day Vulnerability

The hackers who break into knew Sony would have used a zero-day vulnerability, so let sources familiar with the investigation to Re / code know. The attackers were two months have had access to the network, where they were captured terabytes of data and then sabotaged thousands of computers. For whatever leak exactly is and what program was not disclosed.

However, it would go to a well-made, but not refined operates, said the sources. The New York Times reported recently that there were spear phishing attacks against Sony used. This involves contain customized emails that malicious links or attachments. In the past, spear phishing often used to perform zero-day attacks. The use of a zero-day vulnerability could also allow the note explaining security expert Kevin Mandia, head of the security company that carries out research into the hack. He suggested that both Sony and other companies do not have to prepare for the attack.

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