Friday, 9 January 2015

VirusTotal - "Online Virus Scanner Google Focuses On Java malware"

VirusTotal, an online virus scanner from Google last month quietly several improvements made ​​so researchers are better able to analyze Java malware. Via VirusTotal users can upload files and then to scan dozens of virus scanners.

In early December an update was rolled out to provide more information about suspicious Mac files and iOS apps. Silently was also improved the analysis of JAR files and Java .class files. The online virus scanner scanned the contents of these files already, but now also provides additional information, such as the used Java packages, the manifesto of the JAR-beam striking strings, file type distribution and timestamp metadata for files in the JAR file.

According to Emiliano Martinez VirusTotal is a lot of malware nowadays spread via exploits kits, of which a large portion of malicious JAR files uses to attack unpatched Java vulnerabilities. By expanding the virus Martinez hopes that researchers better this kind of threats can detect and analyze.

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