Sunday, 25 January 2015

Chinese Government Blocks VPN Services

The Chinese government has all kinds of VPN services blocked in the country, giving consumers no websites like Facebook and Google can visit more and particularly small foreign companies in China can not connect to their servers and enterprise networks can make abroad.

Via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), it is possible to make a computer is part of a network that is located at a different location. The traffic then runs through a specially constructed tunnel. China VPNs are used inter alia to circumvent government censorship. Using a VPN service make Chinese Internet connect on servers in Europe, from where they can then visit various Web sites that are not accessible in China. Because the traffic through the secure VPN tunnel running the Chinese authorities can not view the contents.

VPN provider Golden Frog announced that users of the VyprVPN service problems have to approach certain VPN servers abroad. The problem is as Golden Frog also with other VPN providers. "From a technical standpoint, it is not caused by server problems, but it's a network problem in China." For the time being of the company in the Netherlands and Hong Kong VPN servers would still be accessible for Chinese users.

According to Richard Robinson, a foreign entrepreneur in China, it is especially small and medium-sized foreign companies that makes the VPN blockade. Many larger companies have in fact direct connections to servers outside the country, so let him across the Associated Press know. In recent weeks, the Chinese government also decided to block all access to Gmail.Similarly, a measure which affects small businesses according to Robinson, as they often use the mail service from Google.

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