Thursday, 29 January 2015

Google Chrome Extension TrackerSSL Warns Of Unsafe Websites

TrackerSSL Functionality

Researchers from the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto have an extension for Google Chrome developed that warns users of unsafe websites and ad trackers. TrackerSSL let users know who the website visited transmit it, whether this is done safely and then allows the process Website to disclose via Twitter.

According to the developers must TrackerSSL tackle the problem of unencrypted data transport, leaving users vulnerable to mass surveillance. The revelations Snowden is a movement that wants to encrypt the entire web. Through TrackerSSL get users to understand what the obstacles are hereby. Thus, the percentage of every website ad trackers shown that supports HTTPS, and the name of the tracking companies and a list of trackers that use unique identifiers to track users.

TrackerSSL Working
"Although ad trackers are mainly used for personalized advertising, it is known that the NSA with the identifying cookies from ad trackers piggybacked to gather detailed profiles of their targets," the researchers said. The use of HTTPS can counteract this. Many ad trackers, however, would still not support HTTPS. Websites can therefore not switch completely HTTPS, so the problem persists. By sharing the results via Twitter the developers hope a discussion on the use of HTTPS to boost.

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