Thursday, 8 January 2015

Google Removes Malware From Google Play Store

Google has removed a malicious app from Google Play that occurred as a backup service, but in reality, text messages, call information, and device information was trying to steal. The app was called "Save Me" and claimed that users through the service could save their contact information. In order for the service to notify users had to specify information such as name, email address, phone number, country and there had to be a personal photo will be uploaded.

Once activated the malware did however connect to a server and send contact information, text messages, call information, such as numbers, date and time and device information back. Also removed the malware own icon. The attackers behind the malware used a spam campaign by shortened links to spread the app. Analysis of -Left show that was nearly 6,000 times clicked, mainly in Africa. It is unknown how many people actually have the app installed.

Security firm Lookout discovered the malware and then warned Google that the malicious app removed. To prevent infection by this type of malware, users advised to only download the official market place and then only apps from known developers.Users therefore have first read the reviews and research the developer so that they are sure that it is a reliable product."Especially if it is a tool that promises to protect sensitive information," says Jeremy Linden Lookout.

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