Thursday, 22 January 2015

Kim Dotcom Launches Beta Encrypted Chat Service

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has launched a beta version of its encrypted chat service Mega Chat, so he made ​​via Twitter announced. "We roll Mega Chat step by step, starting with video calls. TextChat and videoconferencing will soon follow," says Dotcom.

Earlier, the Internet entrepreneur let all know that Mega Chat must put an end to the surveillance of the NSA and a competitor of Skype will be. To use Mega Chat, users must have a Mega account, but there is no need to install software. The chat service can be started directly from the browser what is seen as a great advantage.

IT website TechCrunch tried Mega Chat and reports that had to make several times with connection problems, but if the video chat service audio and video quality of work is similar to that of Skype. However, this is still a beta version.Furthermore, to speak about the file-sharing website feature that allows users to share files and folders. Mega Chat uses User Controlled Encryption (UCE), which means that users can send their decryption key to other people to give them access to the files. When the final version of Mega Chat will appear was not disclosed.

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