Monday, 26 January 2015

Emergency Patch For Adobe Flash Player Attacked Leak

Adobe has this weekend an emergency patch released for a critical vulnerability in Flash Player that asset is used by cybercriminals to infect computers with malware. Because of the vulnerability had Internet Storm Center decided to alert the Internet to color code yellow to increase.

The emergency patch this weekend only rolled out to users who have enabled the automatic update feature, which is the default for Flash Player. For users who want to download the update itself will update appear this week at the Adobe website.Additionally, Adobe has announced that with distribution partners cooperate to the update for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11 make it available. These browsers include an embedded version of Flash Player.

Adobe confirms that the leak is used to attack users of Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows versions up to Windows 8.1.Initially, it was stated that users until Windows 8 walked risk. The critical vulnerability has been fixed in Adobe Flash Player . Through this page can be viewed which version is installed on the system.

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