Thursday, 22 January 2015

Facebook Will Warn Users Of Hoaxes

Facebook has introduced a measure to allow users henceforth be warned of hoaxes in their news.According to the social networking site users would have asked for his show fewer messages hoaxes.Facebook regularly false or misleading news spread, which may or may not point to scam sites.

Facebook Hoax Feature
Recently, Facebook has added an option allowing users to report these types of hoaxes. It works the same way as reporting spam and according to Facebook would hoaxes and misleading news reported 2.5 times more than other news. These reports from users are now used by Facebook to let other users know that the messages that they want to share is probably a hoax.

In this way, users would spread the messages slower, which should reduce the number of hoaxes. Facebook is certainly not going to attempt to remove posts and says that it is also about control messages to determine their accuracy. According to Facebook's most publishers on Facebook will therefore none of the update notice, except for a small group which regularly publishes hoaxes and scams.

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