Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Crypto Stick For Secure Login And Encryption Is Now Called Nitrokey

The Crypto Stick, a USB stick with which Internet users can log in and secured files and email can encrypt, has been given a new name, namely Nitrokey . The new name should reflect the development of the stick, which is now finally ready for consumers.

The secret keys Nitrokey used to encrypt or sign located on the USB stick. According to the developers, it is impossible to extract these secret keys Nitrokey, making the device would be immune to viruses and Trojans. Furthermore, the PIN that the user must choose and the "do not manipulate the" smart card to ensure that the Nitrokey in case of theft or loss is still protected. Both the hardware and software Nitrokey are both open source.

The USB stick can be used for various purposes, such as secure login via a One Time Password for example Google or Dropbox, email encryption based on S / MIME and OpenPGP, encrypting files and hard drives and user authentication on both local computers as networks. Mozilla uses the Crypto Stick to secure its infrastructure.

The Crypto Stick is already since 2008 as "hobby open source project" in development. The developers say that they have learned during this time that developing a system that works is one thing, but delivering a device that is stable and ready for consumers, is a whole different story. The development of the latest version of Crypto Stick took two years to complete and is now complete. Now the system operates stably concentrate the developers at its production. Because of the new phase of the project has decided to change the name of Crypto Stick Nitrokey. "The goal is to provide the best open source securitykey to our users remains unchanged," they note

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