Thursday, 29 January 2015

Infected Ads on xHamster Spread Malware

Researchers have discovered the popular porn site xHamster infected ads that try to infect visitors through a recently patched flaw in Flash Player. According to anti-virus company Malwarebytes is the number of infections from xHamster recent days has increased by 1500%.

The porn is according to measurement agency Alexa on the 64th spot of most visited websites on the internet. In case the attack is successful the Bedep malware is installed. Bedep making computers part of a botnet and can then install additional malware. Meanwhile, there is an update to the attacked Flash Player leak released, but may still not be installed anywhere.

"Although malvertising on xHamster is nothing new, this particular campaign is very active. Given that this porn site generates a lot of traffic, the number of infections are gigantic," says Malwarebytes. Previously had security FireEye already know that had infected ads on porn sites found , including a porn site in the Alexa Top 1000. However, it seems to go a different attack. As was pointed infected computers installed Reveton-ransomware.

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