Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Group Threatens Malaysia Airlines With publication Data Stolen

A group of cyber vandals Malaysia Airlines has threatened to publish information that would be captured on the website of the airline. The website was launched today, reports the Malaysian Star Online . A group calling itself the "Cyber ​​Caliphate" calls had a photo of a Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 on the website loaded with the words "404 - Plane Not Found".

Not much later, the site was again the target of an attack, this time by a group calling itself "Lizard Squad - Official Cyber ​​Caliphate" calls. On Facebook Malaysia Airlines announces that the DNS (Domain Name System) has been compromised so visitors were redirected to a website of the attackers. The Domain Name System (DNS) is similar to the directory and translates among other domain names into IP addresses. Meanwhile, the DNS changes would be undone.

"Malaysia Airlines reassures customers that is not hacked the website and this temporary error has no effect on their bookings and their data is safe," said a statement from the airline. The group that calls itself Lizard Squad, however, claims that Malaysia Airlines lying and there are good data stolen, which will soon publish the group claims.

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