Friday, 23 January 2015

Latest Flash Attack Is Part Of Botnet Computers

A new vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player cybercriminals actively use to infect computers with malware and for which no security update is available is the ultimate goal of creating a botnet that among other things used for committing click fraud.

The zero-day vulnerability in Flash Player was wednesday afternoon reported by security researcher 'JuK. Visiting a malicious or hacked website with the latest version of Flash Player would be enough to get infected. The researcher also advised to temporarily disable Flash Player. Adobe will facing the business magazine Forbes that examines the message, but still has not announced any details.

Meanwhile, security Malwarebytes malware examined using the new Flash Player attack is installed on computers. In case the attack is successful, the computer part of the Bedep botnet. This botnet can then, by installing additional malware, use the computer for different purposes. In the case of the malware that saw the researchers concerned the click fraud.

The malware infects the explorer.exe process and let the infected computers to send any requests for ad networks, without the user does this by. According to researcher Jerome Segura are difficult to distinguish them from real traffic requests, allowing advertisers end up paying for impressions and clicks that do not originate from a human and which benefit cybercriminals.

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