Saturday, 31 January 2015

Vulnerabiltiy: Google Reveals Adobe Reader Leak for Mac OS X

Google has unveiled a vulnerability in Adobe Reader in the Windows version of the PDF reader would be patched, but the Mac version is still present. The vulnerability was reported to Adobe in October last year.In December there was an update for the Windows version appeared, but Adobe had to Google that it had failed to deliver a solution for the Mac version.

This week, however, went the deadline had asked Google. "Project Zero Team" of the search giant is looking specifically for vulnerabilities in commonly used software. Once a leak is found will the supplier 90 days to come up with an update, other details are the vulnerability automatically made ​​public. Adobe was warned by Google that it would reveal the details.

Via the leak, it is possible to let the application crash, which is possible up to a "heap-based buffer overflow" can cause.Noteworthy is the way that Adobe to Google said to have patched the flaw in the Windows version. The leak in question, known as CVE-2014-9160, however, does not appear in the list of Adobe Reader update.

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