Wednesday, 7 January 2015

AVG: Login Via Fingerprint Positive Development

In late December showed a German hacker still see him with a picture fingerprint had copied the German Minister of Defence, but according to Tony Anscombe anti-virus company AVG login via fingerprint correct a positive development. Anscombe also criticizes the negative coverage of biometric authentication, which would let users believe that fingerprint logon is not safe.

"The process to copy someone's fingerprint in this way is difficult and time-consuming, and it is therefore unlikely that the masses will be a problem," says AVG security evangelist. "I think we just have to celebrate that authentication mechanisms that initially only used by companies and governments have now found a place in our daily lives."

Anscombe notes that as biometric security ensures that more people lock their phone, this is a positive development. "It shows that more consumers than ever protect their devices in a certain way in order to prevent their information being stolen." The security evangelist says he understands that research into this type of security is necessary, but he would prefer to see that people are encouraged to use the security on their phone than that they are trying to undermine the systems that can protect them.

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