Sunday, 18 January 2015

WhatsSpam - "Spamming Market Rises In WhatsApp"

The amount of spam that is sent to WhatsApp users has increased in recent times, which would also come by the end-to-end encryption that uses mobile messaging, say experts. By using this form of encryption WhatsApp can not see the content of messages and filter on, like many other messaging services do.

Adaptive Mobile security firm says that in recent months there is an increase in the number of spam messages has been to WhatsApp users. Indeed, it is quite cheap to distribute spam via the message. It would in particular be advertisements for luxury fakes. "

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WhatsApp Spam

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The total size of these individual spam attacks WhatsApp is difficult to determine, but it is clear that WhatsApp now one of the messaging services with a fully functioning and active spam ecosystem," said Cathal McDaid Adaptive Mobile.

He argues that WhatsApp in fighting spam is hampered by the use of encryption. Although commendable to encrypt messages from users is the end result that it is difficult to filter the contents of WhatsApp messages. McDaid argues that it is not the end of the world, but problematic. Also Martijn Grooten Virus Bulletin notes that end-to-end encryption, spam filtering is difficult.

According Grooten WhatsApp may see if some users send large numbers of messages, but it is not possible for example to watch sent linkers. One solution would be to look for example at the phone to the content, but if, for example linkers a blacklist of a third party comparison would bring this user privacy again questioning.

Great is like McDaid positive about the deployment of end-to-end encryption and hopes that more will follow. "But as with all measures that improve security and / or privacy, it has a price tag. We have to be more creative in our fight against spam."

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