Saturday, 31 January 2015

Apple Blocks Unsafe Flash Player On Mac OS X

To protect users from potential attacks, Apple insecure versions of Adobe Flash Player on Mac OS X blocked. Mac OS X has a "Web Plugin blocking mechanism" that Apple regularly will update to block unsafe plug-ins and prevent drive-by downloads.

This weekend Adobe patched a critical vulnerability in Flash Player that is actively used to attack Windows users. Who surfs on Mac OS X with Safari and not using the latest version of Flash Player and a site visit to see the plug-in calls notifies ranging from "Blocked plug-in", "Flash Security Alert" or "Flash out-of-date ". The message is that Adobe Flash Player is outdated and there is a newer version can be downloaded from Adobe.

Flash Player versions on Mac OS X Flash Player and All versions are blocked before. Users who still want to use an older version of Flash Player can do this via the "Internet Plug-in management" in Safari, and so the plug-in running on reliable websites in an insecure fashion. Further notes that Apple users who have problems downloading or installing Flash Player, this should contact Adobe.

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