Thursday, 8 January 2015

Malicious Ads Distribute By AOL Advertisement's Network

Criminals have AOL's advertising network used to show ads on the infected websites of the Huffington Post, and many other sites. The ads pointed to a website where a exploit kit (Neutrino Exploit Kit or Sweet Orange Exploit Kit) turned that made abuse of a leak in Adobe Flash Player.

In case users were using an outdated version of Flash Player they could become infected with the Kovter-ransomware. This ransomware locks the computer and that the user has committed a crime and then to pay a fine to get access again.According to security firm Cyphort discovered that the attack is striking that the attackers used a combination of HTTP and HTTPS redirects to the servers that were used to hide in the attack.

Both as the Canadian website of the popular news were found infected ads according gets 51 million monthly visitors. Also, and included the target of this' malvertising campaign. Further investigation revealed that the ads were distributed via the AOL ad network.

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