Monday, 19 January 2015

Hacker's List: Hiring the right hacker!

You can not get past level 68 in Candy Crush, suspect your love of infidelity or would you adjust that one insufficiently your transcript? For a few hundred dollars you rule a hacker who can help.

Hacking is no longer reserved for large espionage services or organized crime.And not just big companies like Sony and Apple are the target. Behind all those familiar hacks grows a forest of home-garden and kitchen hacks.

On you find all kinds of hacking requests:

- A player who wants help with a phone game .

- Someone who wants access to his old email account .

- Someone who all Whatsapp messages from another phone to receive .

- Someone who transcript will adjust at school.

The extent to which all these requests are real, it is difficult to ascertain. The site is now about three months. So far there are about 800 different jobs and have placed several dozen hackers made available through the site. The price for a hack ranges from several tens to about $ 5,000. 


The website is not the only place where hackers and clients to visit each other.This allows you to order ethical hackers who check on order or you hack anyway falls.

The sites are controversial, because most contracts are illegal. According to the authors state in the conditions that only legitimate hacks may be placed. Last year, the FBI took a number of these types of websites offline and took dozens of people who hacks offered on the Internet. The makers of therefore remain anonymous.

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