Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cyber ​​Vandals Caim Downtime Facebook And Instagram

A group of cyber vandals has claimed responsibility for the downtime that Facebook, Instagram and Tinder had this morning to make. The websites were inaccessible short time in which Facebook users an hour could not log on to the social networking site.

The website stated that the Facebook deal with a major failure was the cause and had found, but further details were not given. Via Twitter late group Lizard Squad managed to sit behind the downtime. This group was the end of December also responsible for attacks on Microsoft Xbox Live and Playstation Network. The DDoS attacks that would execute the group of websites hacked thousands of routers originate. Recently, several members of the group arrested .

Facebook said in a statement that a technical adjustment to the website was the culprit. "The downtime was caused by a technical problem that we introduced ourselves. It has nothing to do with Lizard Squad Snowmageddon or other external parties," said the social networking site.

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