Monday, 19 January 2015

Chinese Cyber Spies Were Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Secrets Booty

China would have used cyber espionage to steal all kinds of secret information on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). This is evident from documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden. According to an NSA presentation where the German newspaper Der Spiegel and the Sydney Morning Herald reports about Chinese cyber spies would "teraybytes" to sensitive military information JSF have captured.

Among the stolen design details are information on the radar systems of the JSF and detailed designs of the motor and methods for cooling the exhaust gases. In 2013, an advisory board of the US government had proposed a confidential report that JSF secrets were stolen by the Chinese. Last year, an expert claimed that the details of the JSF in a Chinese fighter jet appeared.

Besides information on the JSF would also sensitive details about the B-2 stealth bomber and F-22 Raptor fighter jet were stolen, as well as a nuclear submarine and missile designs. The amount of data stolen is estimated at 50 terabytes. However, the documents also show that the NSA and intelligence services of the "Five Eyes" by Chinese intelligence services have broken and access to computers have obtained senior Chinese military officials.

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