Tuesday, 27 October 2015

11-Year-Old Sells Strong Passwords For Two Dollars

A 11-year-old girl from New York City sells over the internet strong passwords for $ 2 each. According to Mira Modi seems to be paying for a password might be crazy, but is itself coming up with passwords much crazier. Primary school student asks people to choose weak passwords, such as 12 345 or password. With its website DicewarePasswords.com she tries to change it.

Diceware is a method for creating passwords and passphrases. In the case of this method, Modi uses them to generate passwords from six random words. Across Ars Technica let the 11-year-old know that many of her friends do not understand how to create strong and secure passwords.


Once they get an order modes rolls her die and she seeks the corresponding word in a printed version of the Diceware glossary. Then she writes by hand the password on a piece of paper and send it by mail to the customer. By now they would have sold some 30 passwords. Regarding the safety of this system, she says she does not remember the passwords of customers and therefore can not exploit. She also says passwords do not save on her computer. As they enter passwords by post send the government can they only with a court order.

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