Sunday, 25 October 2015

Students Accused Of Hacking Into US School System

Three pupils have been indicted in the United States for hacking into the system of their school. The boys would have adapted their own figures and the roster of some 300 students have changed. The arrest of the three came after months of police investigation.

The study, which began in July, showed that the timetables were revised and numbers of two students. However, the three students denied being guilty. Police suspect that one of the now detained students had joined a hardware keylogger on a computer keystrokes which were stored. The student would have won if the passwords and user names of dozens of teachers and administrators.

During a search at one of the students, the keylogger was found, and reporting Newsday and NY Daily News. On the device were the credentials of the school staff. The school late in a statement on its website that the changes to the figures and schedules, after being discovered, have been immediately canceled.

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