Friday, 23 October 2015

First British Newspaper Will Block Adblock Users

City AM is the first British newspaper who has decided to block users from a AdBlocker. According to the paper's journalists paid through advertising and now runs this risk by using adblockers, so ads no longer appear.

The blockade occurs when visitors want to read with a AdBlocker full articles. This not only concerns specific adblockers like AdBlock Plus, but also programs like Ghostery, Disconnect and Do Not Track Me that protect users from tracking on the web. In addition, the blockade is aimed only at Firefox users who use such software.

Opposite the Guardian explains director Martin Ashplant which uses about 8% of the 1.2 million visitors and that Firefox has installed 20% of this group adblockers. It is primarily a test, with other browsers and for example, tablets, and smartphones are excluded. "We want to see what the impact is and how many people choose to disable the adblockers" said Ashplant. Recently decided to Germany's Bild adblock users block.

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