Monday, 19 October 2015

Hacker Overtakes PIN Via Smartphone 'Selfie'

The well-known hacker Starbug During a conference on biometrics demonstrated how through 'selfies' PIN smartphone and other passwords can be retrieved. The reflection of the Phone screen in the person's eyes provides sufficient detail to check out the credentials.

The 'corneal (corneal) keylogger "(pdf) last year was already demonstrated by the research team of Starbug. An attacker who use a malicious app to access only the camera can be so many pictures of the user, for example, enters the password. Another possibility is that an attacker via a good camera remotely pictures of the eyes makes when the user is busy with his smartphone.

The method of attack was one of many who showed Starbug, reports Planet Biometrics. "Everything is for spoofing," as he announced. "I can fool all fingerprint sensors within two hours," says the researcher who earlier world was to circumvent Apple Touch ID. Despite the sensitivity of fingerprints known Starbug, in daily life also known as Tobias Fiebig, he also uses a fingerprint instead of a password for its own smartphone.

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