Thursday, 15 October 2015

Adobe Comes Up With New Emergency Patch For Flash Player Flaw

Adobe next week will release an emergency patch for a serious vulnerability in Flash Player that asset is used by attackers to infect computers with malware. The newest vulnerability in the software this week was discovered during attacks in various ministries.

The attacks took place via e-mails containing a link. The link pointed to a website with an exploit that used the vulnerability in Flash Player in order to infect the computer of the target. Adobe has now confirmed that the latest version of Flash Player, version, which is indeed a critical vulnerability has been used in a limited number of targeted attacks.

During the week of October 19 will Adobe therefore with an emergency patch to come. The zero-day vulnerability was reported on the very day that Adobe released version, where 13 vulnerabilities were fixed. According to anti-malware company Malwarebytes Now is the time to seriously consider switching from Flash Player in the browser or to remove completely from the computer.

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