Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Criticism Joomla Leak Within Four Hours After Patch Attacked

A critical vulnerability in their content management system Joomla where last week a patch for appeared four hours after the release of the update has already attacked. The creators of Joomla administrators and webmasters had already in advance for the security warning.

The opinion stated that administrators had to be ready to roll out the update immediately. According to security firm Sucuri is very easy via the vulnerability to gain full administrator access. Sucuri says it saw direct attacks against two popular Joomla sites within four hours after the release of the update. By trying to steal the session logged managers Both websites were at the time of the attacks are not patched. And this probably applies to many more websites.

The update was in fact rolled out on Thursday afternoon, with many administrators probably were already free. Currently there are on the whole internet scans covering all kinds of random Joomla sites are scanned. In the case of scanned websites are vulnerable to the attack is carried out. Meanwhile says Sucuri have seen tens of thousands of attacks.According to the security company have the attacks show that webmasters and administrators have less than 24 hours to roll out an update to this type of serious problems.

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