Friday, 16 October 2015

Hacked US Government Agency Will Eliminate Passwords

The US government agency responsible for screening officers and twice was hacked wants within two years all the passwords of staff eradication. Attackers did twice in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to penetrate.

In addition, the data were 25.7 million Americans stolen. These included highly sensitive data that officials had to fill in the screening forms, such as mental health problems, drug and alcohol use, arrests by police, bankruptcies and user names, passwords, and 5.6 million fingerprints. While it has been mandatory since 2004 to log on with a digital smart card, in September last year showed that only 1% of the OPM computers that requirement.

In an update, the authority has now announced that about a year half the staff will log through a personal smart card. All internal employees now have a smart card for network access, but that does not apply to users outside the public service, says Donna Seymour, Chief Information Officer of the OPM. End of 2017, for employees with a smart card multi-factor authentication are required, as well as 80% of users who do not have a smart card. Further, it will expand the network of network sensors OPM.

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