Monday, 19 October 2015

IBM Would Give China Access To Source Code

IBM would the Chinese authorities to allow access to the source code of various products so as to remove any worries about American backdoors away, so the claims Wall Street Journal according to two anonymous sources. IBM has not confirmed the reports.

According to the American newspaper, the Chinese authorities would some time have asked for access to the source code, to verify that the software inside backdoors are present so. IBM would have now acceded to the request and allowing Chinese officials to view the software in a secure room. However, the copying or parts of the source code is not allowed.

In a reaction to business magazine Forbes leaves a spokesman for IBM said that the company does "limited demonstration of certain aspects" of IBM's technology in highly secure environments. In IBM environments that are of administration and do not have connections with the outside world. However, it is unclear whether viewing the source code is covered by these demonstrations.

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