Thursday, 15 October 2015

Microsoft Tackles Infections By Tesla Crypt-Ransomware

For Windows users against ransomware to protect Microsoft millions of computers on the presence of the Tesla Crypt-ransomware checked. Tesla Crypt is a form of ransomware that appeared in March this year and like other kinds of ransomware encrypts files for ransom.

What Tesla Crypt apart is that it searches for a large number of file extensions to encrypt and this has provided the specific iTunes and computer games. In recent weeks left tens of thousands of Windows users infected with this form of ransomware. In the first half of 2015 would Tesla Crypt and CryptoWall, another notorious ransomware families, more than a half million Windows computers have been infected. The victims of Tesla Crypt  had to pay almost 500 euros to recover their files.

Earlier versions of Tesla Crypt made ​​a mistake, making the files without paying could be decrypted via a free tool from Cisco. However resolved in new versions this error. Although there is a decrease in the number of infections is still Microsoft has decided to malware via the Malicious Software Removal Tool to detect (MSRT) and remove. The MSRT is a virus removal tool built into Windows that every month during the monthly patch cycle is updated with new virus definitions and perform a scan at the same time on the system.

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