Friday, 30 October 2015

Recent Poem Flash Leak In Crosshairs Of Cyber Criminals

A critical vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player which ten days ago an emergency patch rolled out is now being actively attacked by cyber criminals. At the time Adobe update rolled out the company claimed that the vulnerability was used only in targeted attacks on a limited scale.

Now reports researcher JuK of the blog Malware do not need Coffee that an exploit of the vulnerability using the Angler-exploitkit added. Consequently have less technical knowledge cybercriminals with the means to attack the Flash leak. The Angler exploitkit was in recent months in large-scale advertising campaigns on popular websites used.

Criminals use this ad network of popular websites to spread infected ads. These ads send visitors unnoticed to a page with the Angler-exploitkit. In case users have their Flash Player or other software is not up-to-date, they can become infected with malware. Now the recent poems Flash leak also been added to the Angler-exploitkit cyber criminals have a greater opportunity to infect internet users, since the update of October 16 may not yet installed anywhere.

In case the attack is successful, the Bedep Trojan is installed on computers. This Trojan can install additional malware, including malware for advertising fraud and ransomware, and the computer part of a botnet. The Flash vulnerability was two weeks before the attack on the 'wild' was discovered already by Google to Adobe reported. Through this page to monitor Internet users whether they are using Flash version.

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