Thursday, 29 October 2015

Laptop Researcher Suspects Sabotage In German Hotel

The German security researcher Stefan Esser suspect him in a hotel in Frankfurt has become the victim of sabotage, where someone may have tried to copy his laptop drive or manipulate. That Esser announced this week via Twitter announced.

"That terrible moment when you leave your laptop in a hotel room and return the laptop and then subsequently claiming that the memory is faulty," says the German researcher. According to him, someone tried to backdoor in his computer, but did not too professional, leaving clear fallow traces left behind. Through his Twitter account Esser published several photos, including a hard drive that might be taken out of the laptop.

In another photograph Esser shows a picture of the handle that is damaged. Essert suggests that the damage to his MacBook can not be caused by the cleaner. "The laptop was just two hours at dinner only long after the room was cleaned." The 'attacked' laptop turned Mac OS X El Capitan with full disk encryption through FileVault. In addition Esser had for disk encryption, a password other than set their account password. The researcher is also known for finding vulnerabilities in iOS and PHP.

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