Saturday, 31 October 2015

Barber Pays 1000 Euros After Ransomware Infection

A Scottish hairdresser has been the victim of ransomware, with a database containing customer data was encrypted. Despite paying 1000 euro ransom turned out to be a big part of the corrupted files, making the barber customer contact information and other information is lost.

Exactly how the attack took place late hairdresser Ellen Conlin Hair & Beauty not know in Glasgow. According to the Evening Times the attackers would not only have encrypted the company database, but also important information have been removed. The attack occurred exactly is unclear. However, the attack would hairdresser possibly thousands of euros because of missed appointments can cost. The attacked systems contained appointments, salary information, customer history, shares information and marketing data.

The salon now considering suing the developer and supplier of the software. "I pay them to store my information safe," said the owner of the salon which has about 3,000 members. He gave the supplier the order to pay the ransom. It was only $ 350, but was increased to 1,000 euros. Eventually, the attackers sent a decryption key, but it did not work properly. A large part of the information was corrupted. Therefore the company has lost more than a year of important data.

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