Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Ransomware Threatens With Publishing Encrypted Data

In Germany, new ransomware surfaced that not only encrypts files, but the system locks and threatens private data, to publish photos and videos on the Web. Chimera as the ransomware is called, focuses on companies.

Via so-called vacancies, job applications, contracts and applications are businesses approached. In the e-mails reference is made to a file on Dropbox for further information. This file is the ransomware which kinds of files on the computer encrypts. Furthermore Chimera searches for files on network drives to encrypt. The system then also be locked and a message appears with instructions.

The instructions let victims know that they have to pay almost 2.5 bitcoin, what with the current exchange rate is about 635 euros. The report furthermore states that if there is no paid personal data, photos and videos will appear with the victim's name on the Internet. Traditional ransomware encrypts files often alone. Threatening to steal and publishing of data is therefore not new. Chimera or eventually the data put online as claimed is unknown, said Botfrei.

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