Tuesday, 20 October 2015

American Company Claims Chinese Espionage Via SQL Injection

An American security company claims it has detected several cases of Chinese cyber espionage via SQL Injection, but concrete details and evidence are given. Does mention Crowd Strike in the blog posting about the cyber espionage frequent own security product.

About three weeks ago, China and the United States decided not to bother with the steal intellectual property via the internet. According Crowd Strike has seen the number of attacks in which the "high degree of certainty" could state that carried out by Chinese attackers. In which this assumption is based not reported by Crowd Strike.

Many of the attacks directed against companies in the technology and pharmaceutical sectors, Web servers via SQL Injection could be hacked. SQL Injection is a problem that has been known since the end of 1998, but is still found in many websites. Through SQL Injection attackers can communicate with the database behind a website and perform various tasks, which should not actually be executed.

In this way, it is possible, among other in order to steal the contents of databases, for example, user names, email addresses, and whether or not encrypted passwords. In this case the attacker SQL Injection eventually use to install a Webshell. Through this Webshell can be obtained access to the internal network of the victim. Despite the report hopes Crowd Strike which progress could be made, and norms and values ​​can be established countries.

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