Friday, 23 October 2015

Customer Data British ISP TalkTalk Possible Stolen

UK ISP TalkTalk customers have been warned that their data as possible in an attack on the ISP's network is stolen. In a statement, the UK providers it on October 21 a "major and sustained cyber attack" took place on the website.

A day later the Metropolitan Police Cyber ​​Crime Unit decided to launch an investigation. Although the investigation is TalkTalk suggests that the attackers may have accessed customer data. It would be names, addresses, birth dates, email addresses, phone numbers, TalkTalk account information and credit card and / or bank details. Sources have opposite the BBC that there was a DDoS attack. This data is not captured, but it happens that DDoS attacks are used as a distraction while attackers break into the network.

TalkTalk would become "all necessary measures" have been taken to secure the site, but details are not given.Furthermore, the provider has informed all major banks, so they can keep in suspicious activities in the accounts of TalkTalk customers watched. TalkTalk would in Britain have more than 4 million subscribers. The shares of the provider fell at the opening of the stock market by 11%, as reported the British newspaper City AM

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