Saturday, 31 October 2015

Man Robs German Banks With USB Stick

The German police are searching for a man who robbed two banks in Berlin this summer via a USB stick. On camera images show how the man, opening a cash machine and connect a USB stick. Hereinafter, a combination on the keypad is entered after which the ATM spends money.

The man hit twice on the same day in August, both at a branch of Postbank Kreissparkasse, according to the police report. How much money is at the 'USB robbery "stolen was not disclosed. The use of USB devices with malware to empty ATMs is not new, but mainly takes place outside Europe, such as Mexico and Russia. A police spokesman leaves in front of the Berliner Zeitung that the method of attack by malware 20 times in Europe is used in which four times in Germany.

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