Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tips For A Safe Wifi Router: Change Tthe Default IP Range

Owners of a wifi router that will protect your device must do more than just changing the default password, even customizing the default IP range, choosing a long wifi password of more than 20 characters and disabling Telnet is recommended.

The advice comes from James Garcia of security firm Webroot. He collected a total of 12 tips to tighten the security of Wi-Fi routers. So it is recommended to install the latest firmware for the router, WPS not use and disable remote management, as well as administrative access via the wireless network. Administrators should only via a UTP cable can log in.

The next step that advises Garcia is adjusting the standard IP range of the router. Almost every router has an IP address that begins with By applying this to be CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) attacks are prevented.Furthermore, the security expert recommends limiting the MAC addresses that have access to the router and not to broadcast the name of the Wi-Fi network. Finally, users advised to services such as Telnet, PING, UPnP, SSH and HNAP turn off or turn down.

After the adjustments have been made, users must remember to log out, but that applies to all websites, tools or consoles where users have completed their work. "I would definitely recommend taking these steps, but if you can not all do, the more, the better," said Garcia. According to him, the principle of prevention is better than cure should apply standard for IT security.

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