Saturday, 17 October 2015

Belgian Government Suspected Of Using FinFisher Spyware

The Belgian government is suspected of also using this year to have the controversial FinFisher spyware made. According to a new report published by the Canadian Citizen Lab, an organization dealing with human rights, security and IT.

The reason Citizen Lab with FinFisher concerned that some regimes used these spyware in the past, journalists and spy on law firms. FinFisher is being developed by International Gamma and consists of client software, which must be installed on the computer of a target, and server software. Via the server, which is installed on the server of the relevant government authorities, FinFisher the infected computer can be spied upon. In order to infect other computers, for example, be deployed counterfeit websites from Adobe.

Citizen Lab researchers were able to locate several of the FinFisher servers. On the basis of the IP addresses has drawn up a list of countries that are suspected FinFisher this year to have used it. As would have been operating a Belgian FinFisher server in January this year. In Europe, including Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic use the software. In total, 32 countries were identified. Last year the Belgian Government had already known that the vendor FinFisher 18,000 euros paid.

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