Thursday, 29 October 2015

CIA Director Denounces Reporting On Email Hacking

CIA Director John Brennan, one of whom recently an old and disused private mail account was hacked, complains about the media coverage, as criminal activity in this way have given a platform. That Brennan recently said at a conference in Washington.

A teenager with two others knew an old AOL account Brennan via social engineering to hijack. In addition, were found several documents that WikiLeaks then made public. It was contact lists, recommendations on Afghanistan and Pakistan, addresses and phone numbers. Brennan According to some media have blown the incident and falsely claimed that he had done something wrong.

"Criminal activities provide a platform and disseminating information was inappropriate," as told the CIA director. Brennan says worrying about what people will do with the published data. He sees in the incident, the necessity that authorities have sufficient opportunities and powers to conduct investigations. The hacked AOL account since 2008 would no longer be used by Brennan, said AFP.

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