Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Online Pharmacy Gets High Fine For Selling Customer Data

The leading online pharmacy in Britain, which provides the global medicines, be punished with an almost 180 000 euro to pay on account of the sale of customer data to marketing companies. Pharmacy 2U sold customer names and addresses through online marketing.

The data were, among other things purchased by a company that provides supplements and already was warned for misleading advertising, as well as an Australian lottery company where an investigation has been set. During examination of the UK privacy regulator ICO found that Pharmacy2U customers are not informed about the sale of their data. Also, the data were sold without permission.

"Patient confidentiality is ingrained pharmacies. It is inconceivable that a company in this sector believe that these actions were acceptable," said David Smith of the ICO. He argues that once the data of people are selling their information is often sold several times. In total, data from more than 100,000 customers were offered. Companies had to pay some 180 euros per 1000 records for that. In a statement states Pharmacy2U that it was an incident and there was no foul play.

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