Wednesday, 28 October 2015

FBI Denies Payment Advice To Ransomware Victims

The FBI provides victims of ransomware no advice to pay the demanded ransom, as has informed the American investigative know. Last week, an FBI agent in the news which said that paying the FBI ransomware victims regularly advises.

"Ransomware is so good," said FBI agent Joseph Bonavolonta. "To be honest, we often advise people to pay the ransom."A spokesman for the FBI late to anti-virus firm Sophos know that the investigative makes no recommendations to companies. However, the FBI puts the opportunities to affected companies. "It is up to the companies to decide what is the best solution for them. That is whether to restore backups, access a security professional or pay."

It also asked whether victims have to pay or not. In this case pointed to a website that recommends not to pay. According to Paul Ducklin of Sophos, people and enforcement agencies simply talk if it is not about their data. He also states that pay quite okay, but that appearance is preferred.

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