Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Survey: 20% Of People Crossing Unknown USB Stick Into PC

Despite the risks, there are still people who are using unknown USB drives into their computer or stabbing their employer. According to research from industry association CompTIA. The organization carried out an experiment with 200 unlabeled USB sticks which in crowded places in Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco and Washington DC were left behind.

In about 20% of cases the USB sticks were taken and connected to a computer. Users also were engaged in risky behavior, such as opening files and links on the USB sticks. Further research by CompTIA in 1200 among US workers showed that 94% regularly use their laptops or mobile devices at public Wi-Fi networks, and 69% are working at the time with work related issues. In addition, 38% of employees indicated that they use passwords from work for personal accounts.

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