Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Apple Removes Violate Privacy Apps From App Store

Apple certainly has 256 apps for iOS from the App Store removed because they collected users' personal information, including email addresses and device IDs, and it sent them. The apps used the advertising platform of the Chinese mobile ad provider Youmi.

The developers had added platform Youmi their apps to generate ad revenue. Via so-called 'private application programming interfaces (APIs) clears the platform, however, to collect all kinds of information users. In iOS 8, ​​Apple has taken measures to prevent the unwanted apps can collect through this interface information, but Youmi found a solution to this by peripheral devices, such as the battery system, enumereren and use it as a hardware identification, as discovered the American SourceDNA.

According to the company it is primarily app developers in China who are unaware that the advertising platform collected the data. Apple now has teamed up with the developers so they quickly add new versions of the removed apps in the App Store, where users' privacy is not at stake, according to a response from Apple. Recently, Apple had already all kinds of apps from the App Store removed because they were infected with malware.


Chinese Youmi has since made ​​excuses, reports the Wall Street Journal. The ad provider is currently working together with Apple and will compensate the affected app developers.

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