Monday, 19 October 2015

Latest Adobe Flash Attack Bypassed Security

In July, added Adobe new security measures to Flash Player, which combines with Google had developed it more difficult for attackers had to make to exploit vulnerabilities, yet his attackers managed to circumvent this obstacle, according to the zero-day attack this week.

Through the new vulnerability in the browser plug-in foreign ministries were attacked in many countries. The vulnerability has been through an emergency patch poem. Reason for anti-virus company Trend Micro, the zero-day attack as first reported, to more details to release about the leak. According to the virus-fighter have to evade the attackers in this attack the security of Adobe and Google know.

"This particular vulnerability is a new kind we Method Confusion can call it. It's the most interesting Flash flaw that I have ever studied," said analyst Peter Pi. In the case the attack was successful Sednit the malware was installed. This malware was previously at various espionage attacks deployed. According to Pi security measures such as those from Adobe and Google reduce the likelihood of a successful attack, but they are not panaceas. "History has shown that good or perfect vulnerabilities always managed to bypass security." Due to the latest Flash Player flaw advised the Internet Storm Center businesses and users to uninstall the browser plug-in permanently systems.

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