Saturday, 24 October 2015

Tens Of Thousands Of Users MacKeeper Want Money Back

Tens of thousands of people who have bought the MacKeeper program indicated that they want their money back. Following is a "class action" lawsuit filed last year. According to the woman who started the lawsuit MacKeeper would have warned wrongly for security and performance issues in order to get more consumers on purchasing the full version of 40 dollars.

MacKeeper is controversial software. According to some experts, the "scareware" because the user through misleading alerts and pop-ups trying to push you into purchasing the full version. The lawsuit was filed against the Ukrainian software ZeoBIT, the original developer of MacKeeper. In April 2013, the company decided to MacKeeper German Krom Tech Alliance Corp. to sell. ZeoBIT decided the lawsuit for an amount of $ 2 million to settle. A third of that goes to the lawyers, while the remaining $ 1.25 million will be kept in a special fund. The settlement has been tentatively approved, but is still awaiting final approval.

Since August, more than 513 000 people approached who bought MacKeeper in the US and were eligible for refund of the purchase price. Meanwhile, almost 79 000 people have filed a claim. An unprecedented number of in this type of arrangements. It means that there is less money left for the plaintiffs. Instead of $ 40 will be released the fee now at 15 or 16 dollars, reports Macworld. Users of the software have until November 30th time via this website to submit their claim.

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