Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Facebook Will Warn Victims Stands Hackers

Facebook users whose account was hacked by state-sponsored hackers or these are the target will now be alerted by Facebook. That's Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos of Facebook last week announced.

Where Facebook is a strong suspicion that, whether or not successful attacks on a Facebook account the work of hackers who work for a State, users receive a separate notice. "We do this because such attacks are more sophisticated and more dangerous than other attacks, and we encourage the users affected to take the necessary actions to secure all their online accounts," said Stamos. He notes that the warning does not mean that Facebook itself has been hacked.

According to the CSO, the warning is displayed when the computer or the user's phone as possible malware has become infected, causing the attackers then have the account hijacking. The warning also get affected Facebook users than the advice to "Login Approvals" enable, so others can not log into the Facebook account. In case it tries to log in from another account or other device is a security code sent to the user's mobile phone, so that only those can log on. Earlier decided Google to warn all users stands for hackers.

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