Friday, 16 October 2015

Experts Unveil Plan For Secure Wi-Fi Routers

A group of more than 260 experts, including TCP / IP inventor Vinton Cerf, have unveiled a plan for secure Wi-Fi routers, which ultimately should lead to a faster, better and safer Internet. "Right now there are hundreds of millions of routers with serious leaks," said Dave Farber.

Farber was the former chief technology officer at the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the US telecoms regulator. He responded with the large group of experts on plans of the FCC. The regulator wants to use to adjust the rules for Wi-Fi equipment and other devices using radio frequencies. According to experts, these plans do not go far enough and they ensure that manufacturers can evade their responsibilities.

The experts therefore have a personal plan (pdf drafted) consisting of four points. Firstly, the source of Wi-Fi routers, open-source and are open to everyone. In addition, routers can be safely updated and the owner of the router must have control over them. Furthermore, manufacturers must within 45 days after being notified of updates for vulnerabilities come over the lifetime of the product, or five years after the router was last delivered.

Finally, the FCC must violating these rules can punish severely. So should be revoked for violations certification of the existing product and may be decided to certify products manufacturer no longer in severe cases. Additional questions to the experts that the FCC waive rules that conflict with open source best practices or ensure that manufacturers add undocumented code or use mechanisms through which users can not patch.

"We can not afford to let rot part of the infrastructure of the Internet. We have this proposal was made ​​because the wireless spectrum should not only be justified granted but must be used responsibly. By setting a minimum of openness which is used in the technology at the edge of the Internet, we can find any mistakes or cheating and quick fix, "said Vint Cerf, co-inventor of the TCP / IP protocol and therefore founder of the Internet.

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